James 4:2,3 – Sometimes we do not receive because we do not ask. On the other hand, God will not answer selfish requests for things we do not need.

Most of us religious people of this generation,our prayers are just as wishes

What we do is we think we are praying

But what we are actually doing is making wishes to God

Telling and asking Him what we wish for

But we are not like that

That is not how God wants us to relate with Him

Prayers are not meant to be that way

You pray and you say Amen,may it be done

But all that you just said were all wishes

Things that you are not sure can be true,cannot actually fit in your life

But you have heard about Jesus

That He is the Lord of impossibilities

That He is able to make miracles

Yes He does!

But His miracles are as well dependent on you

What you do afterwards

Not only the faith but the effort you put in it

You see inasmuch as many of us go to Christ empty handed

We also confront Him without a plan of action

We have heard that Jesus is a wonderful listener

So we just close our eyes,call on Him

And then we give him a long list of things we want to have

We believe that our faith is so much deep

That we can command anything out of nothing

Yes that is possible!

Our God is the Lord of all possibilities

But what I want you to know is that trusting God alone is not enough

Just leaving everything to God and doing nothing is not enough

You see,God made it known to us

That He is going to help us if we are willing to help ourselves

That the help is only going to reach us only if we are moving towards it

You cannot tell God you want to be good in Math when you do not study Math

That you want a partner when you still have that rude attitude and you do not relate well

That you want to get through with college but you are afraid of taking tests

You see, you should not pray for something you are not prepared to receive

Something you are not ready for,something you cannot handle

You see if we pray to Jesus,our prayers are heard and made to come true

But we just do not see it

Because we have not made room for it

We have not placed ourselves in a position to catch our miracles from God

God will not give you what is above you

We need to put a stop to our wishful prayers

We need to start praying for the right things

Things we need and not things we wish we had

We need to stop praying for things we think we kinda want

We must pray for what we need badly!

Things that are not going to lead us astray from our God.

God gives, not necessarily what we want, but what is best for everyone involved.



6 thoughts on “WISHES AND PRAYERS”

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  2. Hello Richemund,

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