Genesis 39:12 She caught him by his cloak and said, “Come to bed with me!” But he left his cloak in her hand and ran out of the house.

The Scriptures above I love how God made emphasis in the word flee! God did not say “Run!”, He did not say “turn your back on!” nor did He say “conquer!”. One thing for sure I believe God wanted us to know was that whenever we encounter sin,we are not to take a second look at it. We must not give room to our curiosity. We must not stand by sin and try to figure it out or examine it.
What I want you to know is sin is like a blackhole! Yeah and like a blackhole, nothing can escape it upon encounter.

Now let me explain this wonderful scene;Joseph and Potipha’s wife.
We can see from the Scripture that when Potipha tired to pull Joseph in sexual immorality, Joseph did not sit with her to talk terms or explain any consequences with her. He did not argue with her.He did not say “Hey woman,I think this is wrong,it is gainst God’s will. Let’s not do this.” No! As soon as Joseph got signs of Potipha’s intentions to force him to bed, the Scripture says that He rushed to the door and ran out of the house! Joseph!Rushed to the door! He did not walk to the door;sin could have caught up with him. He bolted out of the sight of sin. That’s not fear,it’s you gaining more grounds against the devil.
If you know you’re going to steal that money, just don’t go through the door,let alone battle yourself out of that sin. You should not wait till you’re alone in a room with that in girl in short skirt before you try to focus your energy on not touching her.You should destroy the roots right before the grow branches.

So what I have for you today is that anytime you encounter sin,you don’t pass by, you don’t battle with, you flee from it! You resist the devil! And by resisting, I mean you distance yourself from the devil and you launch the Word of God against him. The Bible never gives Christians authority to rebuke the devil(not even the Holy angels of the Lord can, Jude 1:9),only to resist him.So you just leave everything in the hands of the Most High and you rely on the victory Christ already has over the devil. You’re not here to compete with the devil. The victory over him was won long ago. You only have to remind him how the Son of God crushed him and his kingdom over 2000years ago.