“It is good to be single but not good to be alone.”-Dr. Myles Munroe

Never confuse singleness with being single.
Singleness is a state to be pursued and not avoided.The more single you become the safer and easier it is for you to relate with others.
‘To be single’ should be the goal of a every young person. Singleness increases the value you bring to people.The more single you are, the more worth you are to someone.
You need yourself first.
Singleness is God’s original foundation (Matthew 19).

If your partner doesn’t change to get you,they won’t change to keep you. The foundation for loving others is to love yourself. The value you put on others depends on the value you put on yourself.
God made man in singleness. And He gave man a purpose. Adam never asked for a partner. He didn’t think he was alone and that he needs a woman. It was God who said ‘it is not good for man to be alone'(Genesis 1:26). Some of us, we think we need someone before our lives can have a meaning. This is so wrong. It is only after you’ve fulfilled your the purpose of singleness that God will plant someone else in your life. The Scriptures make it known that before we think about saving other we must first save ourselves.

Singleness is the foundation of all relationships.
You don’t marry people to improve yourself but to expose yourself.
You dont need to be in a relationship to fulfil God’s will for your life.
What you’re before is only exposed and multiplied by the one you go into a relationship with.
Relationship is like an omelette. It’s as good as the eggs. If you fry a good and a bad egg. The omelette will stink no matter how good the good egg is.
It’s not love that keeps a relationship growing, it is knowledge.
First thing God gave man was His presence; in Eden,when He made Adam. So make sure when you find your partner,he or she is in God’s presence. If you meet a person who doesn’t want to worship,run!
First command God gave man was,work. So the first thing a man needs is not a woman, he needs a job. He needs to work. Work in Hebrew means “to become”. Work is not something you necessarily do but something you discover you’re supposed become. That is why the female was created to become a ‘helper’.So if you’re not working on your vision you need no ‘helper’ since there’s nothing to be helped with.
And the last thing you need to fill yourself with, The Word. You must know the Word of God else it is good for you to be alone.
If you do not love God’s presence, you do not work on your purpose, you do not cultivate others, you have no vision and you do not have the Word of the Lord on your tongue, it is good you still remain alone. If you don’t meet these requirements,you dare not enter into the world of relationships. It is only after you’ve fulfilled the above you can think about going into the institution of any relationship. It is only when you complete yourself in singleness that you can enjoy the fullness of God’s love.