Let’s not pretend
– that we’re saints and that our every actions and thoughts are clean.
– that we’re too good at everything we do and we’ve never lacked before.
– that we’re too firm in our stand and stay straight on our course.
– that we’ve never taken a step off the grid to do something that doesn’t matter before.
– that we’ve never seen darkness and that all we do,we bring to light.
– that we’ve never made some bad decisions that we actually never felt remorseful to.
– that we’ve never pretended before and that we’ve always been ourselves.
– that we’ve never given in to our fears and we’re happy with everything happening to us now.
– that we’ve never been faced with a situation where breaking the rules is our only way out.
– that we’ve never had to make some decisions that we knew were going to hurt others but we made them anyway.
– that we’ve never failed before and felt completely useless and want to give up before.
So my question is,
  Why Do We Act Towards Others Like We Do? Why Be So Judgemental?
We get to know God so we mark everything else in the universe as evil.
We see people fall into sin and we’re so ashamed of them and detest them.
We see poor people and want nothing to do with them.
We see people make mistakes and we point out how weak they are.
We see people stuck at where they are we don’t want to be around them.
We see people pretend and we tend to think they’re the worst people in life.
Let’s not PRETEND
We all fall down in life. Everybody can be subjected to situations that takes their eyes off God, that pulls them into darkness. We all get played by life along the line. At some point in our lives we all get to that point we don’t want to go anymore,we don’t want to be anymore and we just want to draw back into ourselves and simply not live anymore.
Now I’m not saying you should keep hanging around evil people but what is the essence of you knowing God and His Kingdom when you can’t use it to save others as well. I don’t think God will be happy when you don’t use the light He gives you to make other people’s lives bright. Why shun them?
I’m not saying keep hanging with negative dysfunctional people but what is the benefit of you being great if your greatness doesn’t move others.
What is the benefit of being good when your goodness doesn’t help others and influence them to change.
Being the odd one out doesn’t mean you don’t relate with others;it only means you relate with people without altering your standards or theirs and being able to listen to yourself more than others.
– You have to tell yourself the truth that what happens to others,you’re no different from such circumstances. You have to be honest with yourself to comprehend and anticipate what others go through. This is life and we’re all vulnerable to every possibility.
So Let’s not PRETEND.