Nothing in this world is really free. Nothing. Now the things from God are free because the things we have to pay with are not actually tangible so man doesn’t see that as a price. Now the Bible says we are God’s priced creation. That means we are worth something. Not even the blessings of God are free. Because to get His blessings you need to pay with your attitude and that’s got to do with humility. You’ve got to give your all to Him. He also tells us to leave all we’ve acquired on this earth and set our hearts on things above. Now that’s some difficult task for most of us because we feel we bought wat we have here with our money, sweat and hard work. What makes God’s blessing seem free is because we buy it with our time. We dedicate our life here to Him to get His eternal blessings. Work is hard and sweat is bitter for man But time seems so huge and lasting so we don’t actual see any loss in it if we’re to give a part of it to God’s work for His blessings. It’s like having a trillion dolllars and hundred thousand gets burnt. You are not going to cry or worry about this. You won’t count this as a loss.

Now God has given us life,abundance of it. And all He asks for is for us to make Him a part of it. How hard is that? Would we rather subject all our life for the vanity of this world or just give our creator His place in our lives and live forever.?