Now this is a very simple concept

We,humans, are, and in all ways defective

Our nature is never perfect

And all that there is are faults,failures,bad luck,misfortunes.

We’re naturally inclined to negativity

That pessimism is our natural frequency

To fail at whatever we attempt to do 

And when what we attempt to do is something new that’s gonna light up our greatness,then the failure worsens and amplifies

But what if I told you that the more you fail, the more you are going to succeed and the bigger your success will be

Just as treasures are always buried

If anyone’s gonna get them they have to search hard and get dirty. And the bigger the treasure the deeper you dig.

So before you’re going to get to success,you should be willing to let some failure off and out of the way

Sometimes if the failure doesn’t come, the path won’t be clear for the success 

The bigger the failure,the bigger the testimony

All great people on this earth have failed, in ways we cannot imagine

And if you observe you’ll clearly find out that the greatest among them had the greatest failures

So I want you to know that the more you fail, the more you’re going to succeed.

Just keep on pressing and keep your motivation upright.

Success is for all who let the pieces fall in place and pick the pieces back up and going.