Now this is what I’ve come to know.
That many students and other people tend to pull excuses on things they do not succeed doing. They are ever ready to point fingers at anyone that’s around them. Most of their victims being the very people who taught them, which is sad. And when their excuses do not suffice for their failure, they then try to cover themselves up with some uplifting or motivational talk and sometimes comparing themselves to great people who were once like them, which is also sad.
They comfort themselves with some weak facts that their grades aren’t going to determine what they become. Yes, they may be right, the fact is undoubted, for some, and at lest to some point.What they fail to ask themselves is that if the classroom and grades are not going to dictate what they become, what then will stand in to get them to their dreams and goals. Talk to a student who failed in an exam and ask them what they’re going to do about it and they’ll give you a long list of great people who made it in life without school and grades. Popular ones I get to hear are Bill Gates and Albert Einstein. But what they fail to know is what these great people went through some really great challenges that they had to work extra harder than the students who had good grades and better education. And one thing i know for sure is that; Yes, these people dropped out of school and had poor grades but these people never dropped their discipline. They never settled for less and neither did they stay in their comfort zone, waiting on some opportunity to knock on their doors.
Sometimes I’m being forced to believe that those who make it without school or good grades are actually chosen to make it else, it’s all hardwork and dedication. The hard truth is these grades provide a safe transport to our dreams, what and who we wish to become. For most of us, we are just deceiving ourselves that the grades are not going to define us. The only way the grades do not direct our path is if we’ve got something great within to give other than grades.You may choose not to let your grades define you but that’s if you’ve something great that nobody beats you at, which I’m afraid most of us have no idea of what it is. Just stop pampering your failures with the flaws of great men and how you are going to make everything fall in place because one way or the other, these grades have a great impact on our mentality. So what do you have to give to define you and that is an important question yous should ask yourself.