The Lord does not make any one of us righteous. No. Nowhere do we see God make any man righteous. It was God who ‘found’ the righteous. God is a Holy being and He only threads on Holy grounds;He only walks on Holy grounds.
In Proverbs 18:19, we see God clearly state that He walks in the way of righteous people. So if you want to experience God in your life, you’re going to have to create a righteous path and live on it. So many times we hear people pray to God to make them righteous. But what we miss is that it is by our own will that we create a righteous path for which God can reach us on.
And creating a righteous path will require great discipline from us. A lot of people need to get their actions together and stop crying to God for strength and protection and all. The Bible clearly hands us the full armor of the Lord. Most of us have forgotten this and we’re vainly fighting our demons with sticks and  our bare hands and we keep worrying God for strength ; I do not know what other kind of strength they need.
You’ve got to discipline your mind,your heart and your spirit. When we pray to God,we’ve got to make preparations towards the answers God has for us and that’s going to take our discipline. You have to discipline your actions and thus align them with God’s words and His ways in that everything He has promised comes your way.
But then again I do not know how you expect to stand firm in your faith,on your righteous path when you only pray when the whole church is told to do so,when you only touch your Bible on church days,when you’re worried about what people will say when they see you please God.
Your discipline is as important as any prayer or any deliverance service you’ll ever have because aligning your thoughts and ways with God’s own renders the devil functionless and useless in your life. And he’ll eventually leave if he finds he has no place in your life.
“Your discipline is as important as any prayer or any deliverance service”.