Life seems very easy and relaxing

When nothing is our fault

When we’re not the wrong side

When nothing is against us

Humans have the tendency

To spread their weight unto others

To let others share in their misery

How easy and convenient it is

To just slide our burdens off our shoulders

Unto the shoulders of others

And to just point fingers at others

To say this and that, him or her

Is the reason why we’re what we are, where we are and who we are

We are always looking for a way to justify our acts

To always get people to feel sorry for us

For some mess we got ourselves into

The least twitch and glitch in our lives

And we are ever ready to look for something as an excuse and to put the blame on

We like to push our defects and failures on anything there is

People, nature and law around us

Now trees, trees are so important and gentle in their nature

Not every one of them gets water as the flowers in our homes do

But these trees still live and stand up tall

They’re not subjected to any favourable conditions and treatments

But they grow deepest and tallest

The ones that don’t get enough sunshine

Tend to grow towards the light

Past those that shade them 

And when they can’t, they hold on to others 

For life and support

One thing about great people is that

Whenever something goes wrong with success, they actually go back to analyze their steps and processes for faults

And if nothing can be done, they improvise

We need to stop pointing fingers and pulling excuses for whatever you we find ourselves in. That’s what losers and lazy people do and that is not who we are!

Use what you have, where you are and do what you can.