We’re in school, we’re getting educated

Our parents are there for us

We don’t suffer to eat

We are clothed, even in style

Some of us live in nice homes with cars

And yet we tend to tell the world that

“We’re hustling, the hustle is hard”

How ungrateful can that be?

What are we hustling for and about? And what is hard with life when we’re being educated, we’re being fed and not starving and being sheltered and we’re not naked.

If it is not hypocrisy then it’s absolute ungratefulness.

I do not know why some of us would take pictures in nice cars or with lots of money or even with some rich food on our table and expect the world to believe that we are hustling, not to talk about the ‘hardness’. You’re not hustling, you’re just chilling. You just don’t have what you wish for but you have something, you’re just relaxing​ and covering your life with the illusion of a hustle.

We listen to hip hop raps and jump about talking pain and struggle. But the very people we so listen to, made it out in the streets, homeless, without love from society and even with little or no education.

So how are we like they were?

We all need to put away this talk and start keeping up with our books, our skills and talents and whatever we do great at.

We need to stop living in the dream of what we are not and of life being hard.

Some of us out here, we’ve got chilling days and we still manage to make our life seem like a hustle.

Just look into the life you have now. There’s got to be something, something that can make your life better and start pushing hard on that skill, talent or dream it is you find.

Just leave the “hustle” to the homeless and displaced out there on the streets with no education and love from people. It is they, who’ve got to force their way out of the system of nothingness and make things better.

But for us, we’ve got people who’ll always be there for us, we’re in school, we’re clothed and still in shape. There may be challenges and other hindrances but we’ve got to keep pushing and pressing on.

In the end, life gets soft and all the obstacles lose their energy after we’ve pressed hard on life and that’s when life becomes very easy and everything we’ve ever hoped for, comes​ back to us.