Most people throughout history believed or practised their religion because they were told to do so,  made to feel guilty if they failed to do so or coerced by social pressure to “fit in” with their family or society.

For a very long time, Christians​ have struggled to make a point difference between knowing God and believing in God.

Most certainly when the first disciples began to spread the gospel, just hearing of the Lord was sufficient to take you to God’s presence. 

But what do we see in our generation today? The mass of people out there know about Jesus, that He is the only son of God who gave up His life to save mankind ; even non Christians and people of other religion do know about this. But the thing is, most of us know His life as “a story” or some legend, of a hero dying to save his people”. We actually have no connection or spiritual link of some sort to God’s Kingdom and His attributes.A term I like to call “weak atheism”.

We seem to have lost connection with our object of worship. The people who are anchored to God are so because of what has happened, what they know, what they’ve seen,  promises fulfilled. 

You’ve got to have something that draws you back to God no matter how far you stray. Something that focuses your thinking on God’s love and grace for you. Believing in God is about this personal experience you have with Him​. It’s not a mere scripture reading or prayer. It is a time remnant of love, pain, of turning darkness into light in our lives. An imprint that gives us a sense of this Spirit-filled emotion, opening our consciousness to the presence of God.

The most highly recorded experience that we hear people talk about that close connection with their object of worship (seeing a bright light or a man in bright clothes or walking on some dark roads and being given a second chance to live) are Near Death Experiences(NDE), with people experiencing transcendentalism. The next is people lossing something or someone they really value or cherish.

 Why risk getting out of some really bad situation or surviving some fatality before you think about anchoring to your God?

 You’ve got to look deep into your life and find whatever it is that God has touched in your life and connect with Him through it.These experiences and miracles are all around us each and everyday passing moment. There’s always something in everyone’s life that we’re not worthy of but still we do have anyway, circumstances irrevocable but we still overcome without effort. If not for anything at all, we’re not dead.