A wise woman helps her husband achieve. But she may be wise selfishly, towards her own self and take whatever her husband achieves to herself. The wise woman may be ambitious in her thoughts and actions.

A good woman studies her husband;

-She doesn’t criticize him

-She doesn’t irritate him

-She doesn’t push him

-She doesn’t question his actions whatsoever

-She doesn’t make plans with him

-She shows no interest in whatever he is building in his life, whether he’s falling or rising. She’s only focused on being with him. So she chooses whatever she talks to him about carefully with the thought of not offending him. The good woman doesn’t understand her man.

A real woman is an encourager and keeps asking her man questions;

-Always trying to find out what his dream is

-Always finding out what his vision is

-What his desires are

-What decisions he’s taking

-Why he takes certain actions

-She isn’t scared of the risks involved in achieving his goals

-She motivates and inspires him in every situation

She doesn’t stop asking questions that get him to his purpose. The real woman becomes her man’s protector. She doesn’t pressure him into things that get him out of his alignment with God and his purpose. She praises her man for the least of kindness and love shown to her. A real woman submits her vision to her man’s vision. She aligns her interests with his interests.

Women were made as HELPERS. Helpers only give their knowledge of assistance and  not try to take over the administration. A man always has to make sure that he’s working on something or building something in his life before he thinks about going in for a woman. Because that’s the purpose of a woman in a man’s life, to help him. So if a man doesn’t have a plan for his life, a woman has nothing to do in his life.

Now let me tell you about a foolish woman;

A foolish woman is the one who comes into a man’s life whilst he is doing something with his life, working on something, building up his self but she feels that what she’s doing is more important than what he is doing and tries to tell or make him forget what he’s doing and do what she’s doing. And that’s a woman exhibiting authority over a man. And that’s not their responsibility, not what they were made for. The foolish woman goes into a man’s life with her own visions and ideas of life and she believes herself and everything she is doing is more important than whatever her man has in his life.

Nobody marries a woman who dictates how they should live their lives.

A woman is a man’s stamina. How far he will go, with having a good family, dreams realised and fulfilling of God’s purpose will depend on the quality of person he is with.