​Is there a meaning to everyone’s life? 

A predefined meaning of life that everyone is entitled to or the meaning of life is supposed to be discovered or is the meaning of life created by ourselves?

Now this is what I have to say about the meaning of life.

I do not believe that the meaning of life does come from some predestined act. I do not believe that what we become is something that’s already laid down that no matter what we do, we’ll become.
I believe the meaning of anyone’s life is the meaning they give to other people’s life. The kind of value you add unto the lives of others. That’s what’s going to truly define your kind of life. The people we live for and the idea we represent is what will define the true meaning of the life we’ve lived.

I figured that those who die aren’t mourned over or remembered for the things they did for themselves but rather the things they did for others. That is what people will remember you for. I believe none of us were made for ourselves. We were all made for each other.