Many often than not we see people and attraction occurs. Our thinking gets in the way as do our feelings.

Then they become the ones we can’t stop thinking about and always want to see around us. They become this persons of interest in our lives that seem to get our low life tensed up or turn our soberness to joy and this excitement energy is always around us when they’re with us.
Most people get in a hurry to call it love. Those who can’t fully figure it out say it’s a crush. But in all cases, feelings end up mutual.
Then you both take the assumption of being in love with each other, maybe it will be true.
But he cannot tell her; maybe not yet or maybe he deems himself unworthy
And she can’t either; well, maybe she feels she’s not the one on the needful side or its not her thing
But in all cases, they end up thinking the these persons are weak and of cowardice
As they do fail to blurt out the inner joy we give them or what they mean to us
I do not comprehend how most of us can be hypocritic; well, most times without our knowledge.
Because you both are trying to focus on your education and career
You both are trying to build something in your life and get your parents proud, maybe yourself proud as well
So it happens that their hearts fall in love
Then things begin to become compromised and their world gets the added weight and things begin to shake up
That is when the attachments come in and they begin to base their connection with this person on certain things that I believe aren’t that meaningful
That’s when you begin to charge them when they miss your calls and don’t text you.
I mean, basing our connections with people on these things is in a way silly and there’s only jeopardy in that
We begin to develop this inquisitive personality.
And when their actions don’t always come through, we start making assumptions and putting up theories about what they’re doing with their lives
But what we forget is that the love we’d have does not become this whole complex act of responsibility as do the married have
Because still, you’d both be focused on your goals and education and getting your future right
And if your friends are as inquisitive as you’d turn to be, then they start throwing dust in your eyes, which may be true in their sense
But you’re too blinded by your own action-oriented proofs
Then, sooner or later so, you both fall out of love and end up crying over having scared and shattered hearts
Then all you can ever hope for, is that your focus hasn’t strayed from your work and life that far.
Not being able to serve two masters justifies this situation. Ultimately we live for God. But when it comes down to our lives, there’s always something we’re trying to prove or make proud. I believe youthful age involves living for our ourselves, our future and maybe this who believe in us. Then comes living for others; family and the world.

So you see, he or she is not weak or some coward. They’re trying to be truthful to reality.

I guess there are some people who love to put their precognitive skills​ to work in all matters.