Okay so I’ve been wanting to write on suicide for a long time. I just decided to take some time to study the various suicide cases. In all my studies, I realised I wasn’t getting any different resson as headline for suicide.

Just heard a boy commit suicide because he was afraid to face his math teacher and i just couldn’t take it anymore. 
Depression, fear and loss, all suicide cases can be branded under these reasons.
So this is what I believe and what I have to say. No disrespect to the lost souls but I am devastated by the number of people who are taking away their own lives.
Whoever gave suicide as a solution to any problem has given the world a hell of a terrible advice. Someone once said, don’t give permanent solutions to temporal problems.
I mean, I get the fact that sometimes we get locked up in some situations and the world seems departed from us. I know people are facing situations that will put them to their deaths. But even these dark situations aren’t enough to justify why people must take their own lives. And worse is, most of these suicide cases aren’t the “into death” type. 
I see it unappreciative, having a healthy life and you decide to end it. I heard one doctor say she pays no attention to suicide victims who’re admitted, because there she is, trying to sustain someone’s life and there you are, trying to give away the one thing she’s struggling with. 
What are you running from? What’re you afraid of? How is does your absence become a remedy? How does your death solve any problem? 
They do not think about what their deaths will do to the lives of others. A void irreplaceable is created. Pride of parents wasted. Bonds shattered. And connections that cease to exist.
You have to know that time passes and the rough times will come but they don’t come to stay. It’s very important for you to believe that in the end things will always work out for your good. Killing the life we have is a special way of telling our object of worship and the people who believe in us that they’re not trustworthy enough and that God’s plan for us will never eventually come to pass.
That you’re still alive, means you’ve got another chance, another shot at life
That you’re still alive, means the strings of your fate are not used up yet
That you’re still alive, means there’s something to give to life and the people in your life
That you’re still alive, means the problem you’re in isn’t enough to put you to your grave
That you’re alive, means there’s more to life than whatever dark place you’re in now.
Choose to keep the good fight. 
Choose to learn from the difficult times. 
Choose to trust the process.
 Choose to believe in God and yourself.
Choose LIFE.