All sins are equal. Yes?

I’d love to think same but here’s the thing.

All sins being equal only implies every sin is recognised as sin and unholy and as an act of disobedience by God.

But what most people skip is that all sins do not bear the same consequences in our lives. That there are degrees to sin.

That is, all sins being equal does not mean all sins are gotten rid of in the same manner.

God clearly states blasphemy as an unforgivable sin. But let’s look at all the other yet forgivable sins by God.

God forgives us of all our trespass. Yes?

But we’ve also got a part to play in this whole act of forgiveness. All sins are equal but do generate the same conscience of guilt in our lives. Every sin carries its own weight of guilt. And our sins cannot be forgiven if we still bear the guilt of sin in our lives.

So maybe God is the all-forgiving One and He equally forgives all sins. But the real task is on us, to forgive ourselves as well. Penance can be made for all sins but the penitence for all the sins are never the same, as we are humans.

All we can do is pray for a clear and fortified conscience​.