God wants you to come to prayer with an attitude that says “You’re the only One who can help me” 

Myles Munroe.

Everybody prays, one way or the other. People may pray during a religious service or out of a religious service. Some may be quiet, loud, short, lengthy and with different postures. In all cases, people pray to the Supreme Being. And they all pray for feedback, which makes up an answered prayer.

Different people receive different answers to their prayers in different times even though the prayers may be offered the same time.  What causes this time difference in answered prayers? People may be quick to attribute it to the fact that “God’s time is the best”. Indeed God’s time is the best but this has nothing to do with the time with which God answers our prayers.

Because at the time of prayer, as much as God is hearing to our words, He also listens to our hearts and minds. And when there is something else in your heart and mind, He waits for us to exhaust whatever idea we have in our hearts and minds. God always proves He alone is God Almighty. So if we use God as some spare tire or even the first option out of many, God will wait till they are all exhausted before He answers.

Until we put ourselves in such a situation as “LORD, if you don’t help me, I am nothing”, our prayers are never going to be answered in our defined time. God is not going to answer you until you have nowhere to turn, until you truly believe His promises always stand and that He alone is the only true giver.