Stop the pet talks and say something real and meaningful
I thought you said you’re a real man and you too, I thought you said you’re a real woman
So why can’t you say something real in your life for once?
Yes, people like games but there’s no game when it comes to making people feel better about themselves and lifting their spirits up
I mean, you don’t want to create a situation where a person who’s double minded about their personality becomes double minded again (that’s like four minds)
Because we fail to say something straight to them
They are already insecure about themselves and you just go about saying some things that just adds up the insecurity
If you want to tell someone something nice, just tell them and stop teasing around and saying stuffs that don’t do anything
Yes, we love to play around, it’s nice, but we’re just playing
You haven’t really said anything really, it’s just playing
But when you say something real to someone, something you mean, and it’s from your heart, it really sinks deeper than any game talk or emotional talk
Be careful not to fabricate what to say to people because though they accept it, it doesn’t sink deep
People should see an effect of what you say about them on you
We owe everybody something and the least is our expression of the good we see in and around them
Saying something nice and beautiful doesn’t make you unrighteous or a cheat or anything
If we say we are truly made of love and were ordained by Supreme law to love others equally, even more than ourselves,
Then we do not just owe the people we’re in relationships with a beautiful talk but to each and every other person there is around us
If we all genuinely and sincerely admitted the good in people and the nice things about them that’s affects us in a beautiful manner, the world would have one less thing to worry about
Say something real and meaningful
It’s an everyday miracle you could perform for others.