The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people.
Martin Luther King, Jr.
For a long time, we lived to believe we were like sons and daughters unto them, like brothers and sisters unto them but that was never so. We were as puppets to them and they, saw themselves our puppet masters.
The fuel for the actions of the demonstration was not an act of retaliation and neither that of anger. It is very sad how people see anger in the demonstration whilst it that a weeping act. The demonstration was the loudest cry with the most of tears ever heard.
The young people were eager to listen to their elders. They wanted to hear them out on their pleas. But what did we have? They did not show up to address our grievances. We are not unlearned enough to not know what PEACE JUNCTION stands for. But even then, they came at us with an assaulting force. We only wanted to have a peaceful affair with the administrative body and it’s coordinates. But disappointing us by not showing up to address us wasn’t enough for them, they went on ahead to sally us.
We complied to the peaceful demonstration until we discovered how they had disappointed us and gone further to intimidate us with an assaulting force. Our demonstration was a very directional one. If indeed we acted out of anger and despise then the school would be turned upside down because we had it to ourselves. From the looks of the damages, almost all properties were administrative properties. They beat the hell out of us and put us through hell. We on the other hand only destroyed the things that make noise most so they could hear us even though we could do same to them, what they do to us. You cannot say we acted foolishly if we left our lecturers and other personnel untouched. If we wanted to act foolishly, we’d have destroyed the very properties that sustain us in the school. But no, our demonstration was a cry and a very directional one.
All the damages we caused was our way of saying “Just shut up and stop shooting at us, we just want to talk!” But then again, they never bothered to hear us out. For every glass shattered is a word which says “Why?!”. Every morale and insult was an attempt to make you talk to us but I guess you speak with electroshocks and beating rods.
It is very sad how they still keep pointing out how unlawful and villainous our actions were whilst still failing to address their very actions that led us where were are now. They should never think we regret our actions! Who regrets crying and begging for what hurts them?!
Until the university addresses our grievances and apologizes, which I know they’d be too proud to do, we are never cool with them. We acknowledge our actions and damages caused but this won’t stand if the university continues to stay unmindful of why we did what we did. We’d still be in vexation with the authorities and security personnel.
As to whether who got served right and whose actions were unconscionable, we are not in the right position to give justifications but we know assets are nothing compared to human lives.