We can’t keep advising girls to dress decent and chase decent men
These girls started doing all those at age three
We’ve got to advice boys to see what beauty truly is
To see beyond cleavage, breast, thighs, makeups, butts
We’ve got to advice boys to see a woman and not a curved shaped figure
Boys! Open your eyes and minds!
Girls are far beyond their body
Their hearts and their minds is what makes their totality
Their ability to influence you to see that big dream is a package
Their ability to handle any circumstance a man goes into is a package
Making you want to touch them and have sex with them is never a package
That’s a diversion we’ve absorbed into our minds through watching reality shows and movies
Girls are far more beautiful than what we see
Beauty is reflective. Which means people are only beautiful if they greatly and positively influence a large part of our lives and make us want to be the best we could possibly be
Whatever you keep talking about someone they’d want to keep it in shape and even make it more pleasant
So talking about a girl’s body makes her focus on her body as the only important thing in her life
Imagine how far we’ve misled girls by making them believe their body is all they need to keep us happy
But when we list traits we want to have in the woman of our life, their body isn’t on the top list
We can’t keep advising girls to dress decent if we ourselves do not acknowledge what is decent and beautiful
It is like telling someone not to eat pastries when the only thing you serve them is pastries