Stop being all over the place. Stop being everywhere and anywhere at all times.

Machine guns are attributed to their fast shots and incalculable ammo but snipers, snipers take the least of shots and they take out the most important targets and that’s what you should become.

Separate yourself from the confusion and fast moving crowds and set yourself apart devoted and dedicated to an idea or an area of study in this life.
Your life is not going to be as successful no matter what or who you bring into it or what you attach yourself to, unless you live your life committed to an idea or ambition. When people really see you, they recognize you with what you stand for. It could be love, inspiration, determination, hilarity. Life is broad and the only way to keep the world around you is to become a perpetual person of interest and you do that by staying devout to an idea or notion of life.

The world must see you as a representation of some idea in order for it to revolve around you. Until people are able to personify an abstract of life from your personality that makes them want to get better, your life would have no influence and touch in this world.

Stand for something.