We are only going to see what is beautiful until we look at people and things around us as the best they can ever be.

Watch space alien movies and you’d find out that these creatures find the humans quite ugly and repulsive. Not because they want to insult the humans with intention but because they’ve not experienced a creature with such body outlines and dimensions before.

They react that way because the human body is structured differently from theirs and so they cannot comprehend and appreciate why it is so
This is the same as it is among humans. We have adored certain people with specific body features that they’ve seem to become the representation of the elements of what is beautiful. So when we meet someone who doesn’t look like the person or figure we idolize as beautiful, then we say they are ugly and find them repulsive.
Nothing is ever going to be as beautiful as it is to us until we truly see it for what it really is and until we also put an end to the hypothetical comparisons we make of others to how we expect or want them to be like.

We never really know how beautiful looks like until we accept and appreciate. Because for all we know, what if the person with big and wide mouth is the one with the right dimensions of a perfect human? What if the girl or boy with a big forehead and ears is the one with the perfect human dimensions? We clearly do not have one person of all time that we can say is beautiful because we’d find that someone had a better hair or skin or eye color than they have.

Never worry and be pressured by people finding something about you repulsive, they are the ones with bad taste. That part of your body or actions that seems to be naturally defective is in just the perfect condition for you to be fully you and attract the people who are meant for you.

We are our own definition of beautiful.