Do not give up and do not give in
That worse situation you’re in is not for you
You’re not a victim
It is only just so you can learn about it
Just so you can have the experience of it
And then move on to help others with zero strength
Who are suffering and overpowered by such situations
If you give up and you give in
You might have given up on the thousands of people who are suffering out there
Every situation and circumstance that you get subjected to is not permanent
Satan takes such lessons from God to pollute your heart and mind and to distract your desire for God
Making you think you’re on your own, that God doesn’t care about you
So Satan makes sure to distort your focus by constantly reminding you of how you don’t deserve such a problem and how God is unfair
Because apparently you’ve been obeying every single law and principle there is
Imagine we did not have poor people who became successful, then we’d probably have nobody believing they can ever be successful right from childhood
Imagine people were never born with deformities and people never got diseases and later, all got healed, then everybody would believe when they are diseased it’s the end
Imagine people who failed at work or school never made it in life, then we’d have everybody believing failure is the end
There is never a situation you’re in that’s above your strength and let alone God’s strength
For He said He will not cause us to be tempted than what is above our strength
He chose you because He knows you can
So do not give in and get lost into the darkness
Your life is God’s message to the world
So never think for one second that there’s an unfairness because then you’d be wrong
There will always be someone who is better than us and so there will be someone who also is in a worse situation than we are
So whatever problem you’re facing now that doesn’t seem to be solved even after long prayers and long hours of hardwork,
That is God trying to tell you He wants you to learn from it and get wisdom on such a problem
That situation isn’t there because you’re unlucky
It is only there for you to experience
Because it is only then that you’d be able to relate with and help others
So do not give up and do not give in
Whatever you’re going through is just so you get to learn from it and use your wisdom on that problem to help others who are lost in such situations
You are not alone, God is with you and He wants you to win, you will.
Do not give up and do not give in.